A2990 MS Transfer Adhesive


2 mil solvent based unsupported modified acrylic adhesive with high shear and bond characteristics specifically designed for low energy surface (LSE) applications, coated on a 90 lb moisture stable release liner.

To provide a pressure sensitive adhesive for a variety of low surface energy substrates such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. It is an excellent adhesive for the graphic arts industry in the manufacture of decals, nameplates, and POP signage.
Physical Properties:

Adhesive thickness: 2 mils
Adhesion to:

Stainless Steel (15 min) 6.7 lb
Stainless Steel (24 hrs) 7.6 lb
HDPE (15 min) 6.0 lb
HDPE (24hrs) 5.4 lb

Shear: 54 hours
Chemical Resistance: Good
Service Temperature: -70° to 200° F
Minimum Application Temperature: 40 ˚ F
Shelf life: 1 year at 70˚ F @ 50% RH

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This information is based on test data and is to be used only as a guide, not absolute values. As with all adhesives, the customer should test to be sure the products meet the required application. Adhesion test is based on PSTC-1, 180˚ Peel adhesion procedures. Shear test is based on PSTC-7 procedures.